Siamo Lorenzo ed Elena

Compagni di vita e di viaggio.

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We are a couple, in life and in work

We have long shared the same great passion for design .

I, Lorenzo, work in the family firm, Studio Lazzeroni, together with my father Roberto, who taught me everything I know!

Our business focuses on planning, modeling, rendering and interior design projects. We love creating beautiful and unique things!

If you would like to take a look at my personal projects, visit my

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Elena loves combining her passions

travel to discover different lands and cultures, immerse yourself in foreign languages, search for unique design objects in the most remote places! All this allows her to create unique connections with customers!

Basically, I take care of the creation while she takes care of the selling!

One fine day we realized that we had collected numerous unique objects, vintage items and pieces of art in our travels around the world.

And from there the idea of ​​sharing these wonders with the whole world was born!

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Thus Vicode was born

we have collected and organized our "treasures" in this online shop that offers unique pieces of art, handmade by artisans from all over the world, including Italy.

We have dedicated all our passion to this project, eager to make it grow and make it as special as possible

Every object on Vicode tells a story, bringing with it a fragment of the beauty of the world we have been lucky enough to explore.

Our wide variety of ceramics, art objects, paintings, sculptures and fabrics aim to offer you a truly special experience.

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With your support

And by purchasing our products, we will continue our mission, continuing to travel and discover new treasures to offer on our shop.

Maybe it will be one of our pieces that brings that touch of charm to your homes.

Thank you for being here with us and we hope that Vicode will soon become a point of reference for all lovers of beauty and uniqueness.