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"Grimorio" mask

"Grimorio" mask

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The ancient "Grimorio" mask made of clay is a fascinating work of art that immediately captures attention thanks to its intense expression and carefully sculpted details. It represents the face of a man with clenched teeth and wide eyes, exuding an aura of mystery and power. Made of dried clay, and completely hand-modelled, the mask has a natural patina that testifies to its antiquity and the passage of time. The lines of the face are deep and well defined, with particular attention to the details of the clenched teeth and wide eyes, which seem to scrutinize the observer with a disturbing liveliness. The mask is small in size, making it perfect for display as a unique piece in a collection of antiques or as a decorative element in a home that values ​​art and history. Pedestal not included.


Clay dried and worked entirely by hand.

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Cm: L. 12 x H. 15 x D. 8 cm.
Inches: L. 4.7 x H. 5.9 x D. 3.1 in.

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