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Painting “Fortress of Livorno 1974”

Painting “Fortress of Livorno 1974”

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This extraordinary painting dated 1974 captures the majesty of the Livorno Fortress through an unusual and fascinating perspective. Painted in vivid, bold colors, pink and green blend in a striking harmony that transforms the historic fortress into a vibrant, modern work of art. Pink hues add a touch of warmth and romance, while deep greens evoke the freshness and vitality of the surrounding landscape. The artist has chosen an unusual angle, which offers a new vision of this iconic monument, enhancing its architectural details and maritime context. This unique piece is ideal for art and history lovers, bringing a touch of originality and color to any setting.


Painting with acrylic oil colors on plywood with a natural wood cantilevered frame.

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Cm: L. 52 x H. 62 x D. 5 cm.
Inches: L. 20.4 x H. 24.4 x D. 1.9 in.

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