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“Ombre della mente” painting R'95

“Ombre della mente” painting R'95

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"Ombre della mente" is an enigmatic work signed by the unknown artist R '95, whose story claims he was a young man interned in a mental asylum. This painting is an open window onto the artist's tormented soul, revealing extraordinary emotional depth and inner complexity. The intense brushstrokes and the chromatic games express an inner turmoil, while the figure and the indistinct shapes seem to emerge and dissolve in a dreamlike and disturbing atmosphere. Every element of the painting reflects the artist's conflict and suffering, making "Ombre della mente" a powerful and touching work. This unique piece not only captures attention with its expressiveness, but also invites the viewer to reflect on the fragility and complexity of the human mind.


Painting with acrylic oil colors on plywood with a natural wood cantilevered frame.

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Cm: L. 63 x H. 123 x D. 6 cm.
Inches: L. 24.8 x H. 48.4 x D. 2.3 in.

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